Help #RFACommunityPartners respond to COVID-19

The U.S. renewable fuels industry has experienced unprecedented hardship by the plummet in fuel demand and disruptions in the marketplace caused by COVID-19. As of April 15, over six billion gallons of ethanol production has been taken offline, which accounts for over a third of the industry’s typical output and puts thousands of jobs of skilled employees at risk. Ethanol biorefineries play an important role in the communities they serve, and rural America depends on the economic support they provide.

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Despite these challenges, however, many ethanol plants are taking the initiative to modify operations and help their communities like never before by producing or contributing to hand sanitizer production. In a time when capital is scarce and budgets are tight, ethanol plants have cumulatively donated thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer and thousands of dollars of PPE to high priority locations, such as hospitals, police departments, fire departments, and other first responders.

#RFACommunityPartners is our way to showcase our incredible members, their generosity, and the ingenuity that continues to shine through, despite today’s tough circumstances and an unpredictable future.

Read below to learn more about these special companies and their efforts to support their communities and states in the battle against COVID-19.