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RFA to Offer Free E15 Webinar

October 15, 2018


The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) today announced plans for a FREE webinar on Oct. 23 to discuss the recent proposal that will allow for year-round consumer access to 15% ethanol (E15). On the heels of President Trump's announcement that a rulemaking will begin soon to allow E15 year-round across the country, there has been a great deal of misinformation and confusion about what this means to fuel suppliers, retailers, and consumers. RFA will offer the one-hour webinar to discuss what this announcement means for E15 and answer questions from the audience. E15 was introduced into the marketplace in July 2012, and since that time the fuel blend has become available in 30 states. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved E15 for vehicles built in 2001 or later, but did not allow the use of E15 in older vehicles, boats, motorcycles, small engines, and off-road vehicles.  EPA also required a pump label for E15, a "misfueling mitigation plan," and an inspection program. In addition, E15 is also typically sold as 88 octane and at a lower price than regular E10 gasoline. In addition to hearing from RFA staff experts, participants will also gain insight from John Eichberger, executive director of the Fuels Institute, on what the year-round E15 approval could mean for fuel retailers and the overall marketplace. The webinar will also address both short and long-term impacts of the President's announcement regarding year-round E15 and what the move means for fuel suppliers, retailers and consumers. RFA will provide information regarding retailers currently offering E15 and provide insight into the consumer response. Further information will be offered on how to offer E15 and the appropriate compatible equipment. Finally, RFA will present options on why E15 makes financial sense and why retailers should consider offering it at their locations. This free webinar is open to the public. To learn more and to register, follow the link here. Date: October 23, 2018 Time: 1pm Central