The Renewable Fuels Association Political Action Committee (RFA PAC) is a resource that helps your organization ensure that the US ethanol industry continues to grow and thrive.  Your investment in RFA PAC is one of the easiest ways for you to participate in this nation’s political process and make a difference for your industry.  


What is the Purpose of RFA PAC and Why is it Important?

The purpose of the RFA PAC is to allow your RFA organization to support members of Congress who are working on our behalf in securing a more positive business climate for ethanol producers.  RFA PAC has always contributed in a bi-partisan fashion to those members of Congress who support the industry's goals. RFA PAC also allows RFA staff to educate those who are less familiar with the benefits of the ethanol industry in an effort to further expand the sphere of congressional members who ultimately support the US ethanol industry and those legislative and regulatory policies important to our business.

Who Can Donate to RFA PAC?


Individuals who are employees, board members, shareholders, or otherwise affiliated with a producer member or associate member of the Renewable Fuels Association can contribute to the RFA PAC.  Further, producer members who are organized as a limited liability partnership can contribute as well as RFA member PACs can contribute.  Individuals who are eligible to contribute to RFA PAC must contribute using only personal funds (not corporate or business funds).  Contributions from any single source (individual, company, or PAC), may not exceed $5,000 per election cycle (primary, general).


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