Ethanol in the Classroom

Utilize RFA’s Ethanol in the Classroom eLearning program to educate students on all things ethanol.

Want to Learn More About Ethanol?

RFA’s Ethanol in the Classroom eLearning program offers fun and interactive lessons geared to students in Grades 3–5, 6–8, and 9–12. Students choose a vehicle to navigate an interactive roadmap for their online journey to learn about ethanol, earning badges along the way.

Click here to see a video about how ethanol is made.

Children in a classroom.


Each stop delivers age-appropriate instruction on each topic. Students are rewarded for completing knowledge assessments, and immediate feedback reinforces learning objectives.

The eLearning journey begins with a quick stop at a fuel pump to fill the vehicle with ethanol-blended gasoline. Students then learn the science of producing ethanol from plants. Next take a scenic drive through rolling hills and forests to Stop 2 for a lesson on the environmental benefits of using ethanol. A drive through rural farmland yields Stop 3, where students learn about ethanol’s role in job creation and strengthening the U.S. economy. Finish the eLearning journey at Stop 4 to find out about ethanol use in everyday activities. Students end their trip with a final true-false, no-stress Ethanol Challenge to reinforce what they’ve learned in the course.


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