Veterans for Renewable Fuels



"After serving our country in uniform, we have chosen to work in the renewable fuels industry because it allows us to continue honoring a commitment to make America stronger and more independent. We take great pride in knowing we work in an industry that improves our nation’s energy security, economic vitality, and environmental quality each and every day."


- Marine veteran and RFA Vice Chairman Jeff Oestmann

“While the ethanol industry’s unusual penchant for hiring veterans might come as a surprise to many, it doesn’t surprise me at all. I completely understand why so many former servicemen and women are drawn to employment in the biofuels industry. It’s a natural fit for us. ... Together with the American oil and gas industry, we have made great strides in reducing petroleum imports and boosting domestic energy supplies."


- Army veteran and RFA Board Member Tony Leiding



Veterans for Renewable Fuels is a special project of the Renewable Fuels Association to recognize the tremendous contribution of military veterans in the U.S. ethanol industry and provide these American heroes opportunities to come together and support each other in their careers and personal lives.


According to a June 2023 Department of Energy report, the percentage of ethanol industry workers who are vets is triple that of the national workforce and higher than the petroleum fuels and general energy workforce.


“When women and men in uniform leave the military and start searching for jobs, they want more than a paycheck," said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper, an Army veteran. "They’re looking for rewarding work and they want to join a tight-knit team that is focused on a common mission. They want their work to have meaning, and they want to continue using the leadership skills they were taught in the military. Thousands of veterans have found exactly what they’re looking for in the ethanol industry, and we are truly honored to have them in our midst.”


Letter to President Biden


In conjunction with the launch of VRF, the group’s co-chairs sent a letter to President Joe Biden, thanking him for his commitment to domestic bioenergy, highlighting the role of veterans in the industry, and calling on the administration to “fully embrace the national security benefits of homegrown renewable fuels like ethanol.” VRF is co-chaired by RFA board members Jeff Oestmann, a former U.S. Marine, and Tony Leiding, a U.S. Army veteran.


Podcast Feature


The Nov. 10 Ethanol Report podcast includes interviews with all involved—Oestmann, Leiding, and RFA’s three veteran staff members, Cooper, Robert White and Justin Schultz.


Join the Effort


The VRF is a special project of the Renewable Fuels Association. We welcome active military members, veterans, and their immediate family members. Click here to sign up! 


VRF Kickoff Event


VRF members who will be in San Diego in February for the 2024 National Ethanol Conference are invited to a swift boat naval history tour after the conference concludes on Wednesday, Feb. 21.


Vets – The Fuel’s On Us! 


Before the National Ethanol Conference takes place in San Diego, VRF will host a pump promotion in partnership with Pearson Fuels, from noon to 3 p.m. Monday, Feb. 19. Pearson will provide free E85 for veterans and active-duty military at its National City location at 2945 Highland Avenue. The promotion will also include all other consumers, offering them E85 for $1.85/gallon. 


Veterans in Ethanol News


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Ethanol and Energy Security


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The accessibility of renewable fuels limits the bargaining power of the largest oil producers and brings about a higher degree of fuel security to the U.S. We estimate that blending roughly 330 million barrels of ethanol into U.S. gasoline lowers global crude oil prices as well as retail gasoline prices. The main conclusion is that the RFS program has lowered the prices of gasoline at the pump at a statistically significant level.”


- From the February 2023 report, Impact of ethanol on gasoline prices in the U.S.: New evidence