Boating Education

Ethanol's Boat Uses


To educate boat owners and anglers about ethanol’s successful use in marine engines, the Renewable Fuels Association sponsors boat races and fishing tournaments. These efforts promote that all major marine engine manufacturers approve the use of up to 10% ethanol fuel (E10), which is also better for the water and environment.


In 2023, RFA is sponsoring Ryan Armstrong of Illinois, a competitor in the Major League Fishing Pro Circuit. Ryan will fish across the country in Florida, Oklahoma, Maryland, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Missouri, which will be featured nationally on CBS Sports. RFA is also sponsoring Dylan Faulconer, an angler from Kansas, who competes in the Midwest Crappie Masters League as well as their National Tournament Trail.


RFA initially partnered with the National Boat Racing Association, where E10 is the preferred fuel, and later sponsored the Crappie Masters National Tournament Trail. RFA is now working with individual anglers to expand the educational effort to new parts of the country and across different fishing tournaments.


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