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RFA Issues New Equipment Guidance for E15 Retailers

April 25, 2016


WASHINGTON EPA gave final approval in 2012 to the use of E15 fuel and the fuel blend is now sold in 23 states. With many new retailers preparing to offer E15, the Renewable Fuels Association is concerned that retailers could potentially order equipment that cannot legally dispense E15. In a new RFA communication about how to properly offer E15 at retail, we highlight several items retailers should consider before ordering equipment, including:

  • What are the equipment options to legally offer E15 to 2001 and newer vehicles?
  • What are the various dispenser hose configurations allowed?
  • What are the retail fuel dispenser labeling requirements for each configuration?
Four years and 23 states later, confusion still remains in the fuel equipment and retailing communities when it comes to E15, said Renewable Fuels Association Vice President of Industry Relations Robert White. With this document, we hope we can eliminate the misinformation and ensure retailers get the appropriate equipment needed to safely and legally offer this relatively new fuel. With proper labeling and education, we look forward to seeing many more retailers, consumers and states embrace E15 in the near future. The Renewable Fuels Association has also published other guidance on higher ethanol blends, and can be viewed here: