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RFA Calls on Administration to Expeditiously Finalize GREET Modifications

March 1, 2024

Regulatory, SAF, Taxes


Officials from the Biden administration today announced that they will miss a self-imposed March 1 deadline to complete modifications to the GREET model for sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). The model is critically important for determining eligibility for the Inflation Reduction Act’s “40B” SAF tax credit.


“While we are pleased to hear progress is being made on the modified GREET model, we are disappointed by this additional delay,” said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper. “RFA is calling on the Interagency Working Group to complete this process as expeditiously as possible, while maintaining scientific integrity and honoring the commitment to incorporate a broad range of carbon reduction strategies. To meet the Biden administration’s SAF goals, the marketplace needs certainty and clarity. Investment and innovation in SAF technologies will remain frozen until the model is finalized and additional guidance is issued.”


Cooper added, “Getting the modeling right could open the door for America’s farmers and ethanol producers to participate in an enormous decarbonization opportunity. But getting it wrong will strand investments and assure the failure of the Biden administration’s climate objectives.”