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RFA, TRANSCAER® to Host Ethanol Safety Webinar This Month

March 4, 2019


The Renewable Fuels Association, in partnership with TRANSCAER®, is hosting an ethanol safety webinar on March 19 for ethanol emergency response teams. The webinar is scheduled from 12pm – 2pm ET. The ethanol safety webinar is funded through a Federal Railroad Administration/ TRANSCAER® grant. The "Train the Trainer" webinar is funded through a Federal Railroad Administration/TRANSCAER® grant. A single webinar can train a group of individuals, who can then turn around and pass that information forward, equipping entire communities with the knowledge necessary to respond to any potential ethanol-related emergency. The webinar is intended to develop instructors to lead operations-level training. The webinar, led by national hazardous materials trainer Joel Hendelman, is open to all professional individuals above the technical level of training who are interested in learning how to teach ethanol emergency response. Registration is limited 100 attendees. Certificates will be emailed to all completing the webinar. RFA will hold additional webinars on July 2 and Aug. 13. For more information or to register, visit