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RFA Continues Higher Blend Infrastructure Funding Education, Support for Retailers

August 30, 2023

E15, FFVs, Flex Fuel E85, Infrastructure


Following the opening of the most recent tranche of funding for higher blends infrastructure incentives via the Inflation Reduction Act, the Renewable Fuels Association is off to a solid start in assisting fuel retailers. Due to its prior success, the organization has received inquiries from more than 60 companies and has led five webinars in conjunction with fuel marketing groups in Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. RFA is especially grateful to the National Corn Growers Association, which has provided strong support for its efforts in this program since the beginning.


“This is the most exciting funding round yet,” said RFA Director of Market Development Cassie Mullen. “We anticipate greater interest than ever before, thanks to increased limit levels and additional incentives focused on smaller businesses. Over the last three rounds, we have had a perfect success rate in submitting these applications, and we are committed to keeping that streak going. The journey to a successful application is not an easy one; it takes a lot of work and commitment. This is why making the call to inform these well-deserving applicants that their applications have been approved is one of the most rewarding aspects of my career.”  


USDA is currently accepting applications for $450 million in matching grants via the ongoing Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program, or HBIIP. This time around, the guidelines have changed a little, Mullen said. For instance, interested parties have five 90-day rounds to process applications (through Sept. 30, 2024) as opposed to the customary single 90-day timetable. Additionally, there are new incentives for smaller businesses, as well as revised cap amounts.


To streamline the application process and better assist interested parties, RFA launched HBIIP University, a resource that provides applicants a secure platform to engage with our staff and utilize in-depth resources including step-by-step video tutorials, interactive documents, and verified example documents to ensure a successful submission. 


Since 2020, via HBIIP and state programs, RFA has helped more than 85 companies secure grants in 21 states for almost $68 million in funding, matched by over $217 million in retailer funding for almost $285 million towards higher blend infrastructure. For more information, fuel retailers and other interested parties can reach Mullen at (832) 415-7882 or [email protected].