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New York Approves E15, Giving Drivers a Lower-Carbon, Lower-Cost Fuel Choice

November 20, 2019


The Renewable Fuels Association today praised the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets for its decision to allow E15 sales in the state as a win for the state's drivers, overall economy, and environmental health.


"This was a culmination of a long process over several years, and we're thrilled to see it finally move forward," said RFA Board Member Tim Winters, President and CEO of Western New York Energy in Medina, one of the leaders of the effort. "E15 is a higher-octane, lower-cost fuel that is not only better for the American consumer's pocketbook, but also better for our environment. We are thrilled that New York drivers will soon be able to share in these benefits."


New York ranks fourth in gasoline consumption, and with the country coming off the highest monthly sales ever for gasoline, there is a lot of room for volume growth for E15 and other ethanol blends.  E15 will be a lower-cost option for the state's drivers than traditional regular unleaded. Today, E15 is on average five to ten cents per gallon less expensive and approved by the EPA for nine out of every ten cars on the road today, including all those built in 2001 or later.


For years, RFA has worked with state officials to support the expansion of E15 into New York, taking part in workshops, meetings and official correspondence to state leadership.


"Today's announcement is great news for New York drivers and great news for America's ethanol producers," said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper. "Consumers in the Empire State can now enjoy the economic and environmental benefits of E15, and the opening of the state's fuel market represents a growth opportunity for our industry at a time when new demand opportunities are sorely needed."


RFA has significant resources in place to assist retailers who wish to make E15 available, Cooper added. RFA's Model Misfuelling Mitigation Plan has become the de-facto gold standard, not only approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, but promoted by it. Prior to selling E15, retailers must have plans in place outlining the measures they will take to reduce the potential of misfuelling vehicles that cannot use E15, and RFA's plan provides an easy template to follow as entities prepare to sell E15.


In addition, RFA's comprehensive E15 Retailer Handbook is designed to provide fuel retailers with regulatory and technical guidance in order to legally store and sell E15 ethanol blends. The handbook provides sample checklists and questions that all potential E15 retailers should contemplate before moving forward with offerings of E15.


Click here for RFA's full collection of E15 resources for retailers.