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Sheetz E15 Promotion Another Reason to Give Thanks

November 21, 2022



This Thanksgiving week, fuel retailer Sheetz is giving American families and the U.S. ethanol industry something to be grateful for: dramatically reduced pricing on its E15 ethanol blend, the Renewable Fuels Association said as it expressed its thanks to the company. The special promotion runs from today through next Monday, Nov. 28, offering the blend, marketed by Sheetz as Unleaded 88, at $1.99 per gallon. That compares to today’s national average price of $3.66 per gallon for regular unleaded gasoline.


“At a time when so many families are hitting the road to come together for a special holiday, this is a great gift for those who have access to Sheetz stores,” RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper said. “Not only will Sheetz customers save money when they fill up with E15 for their Thanksgiving road trip, but they can also take pride in the fact that choosing E15 is better for the environment and helps reduce our world’s reliance on crude oil from OPEC nations and Russia. We’re grateful Sheetz has once again set an example for other retailers to follow.”


Outside this special pricing, the average nationwide E15 price reported on RFA’s website this morning is $3.37, compared to $3.74 for regular gasoline, Cooper noted. E15 is sold in 30 states and is approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for use in all cars and other light-duty vehicles manufactured after model year 2000, along with all flex-fuel vehicles, which collectively represent more than 96 percent of the vehicles on the road today. On Friday, RFA reported that the presence of ethanol in our nation’s gasoline is expected to save Thanksgiving travelers nearly $140 million on gasoline purchases over the long holiday weekend.


The special promotion announced by Sheetz is similar to a summertime promotion that was offered at a time of extremely high fuel prices, where the retailer sold E15 for $3.99 and E85 for $3.49 around the July 4 holiday weekend. Sheetz stores are located in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina.