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Sensor Application Company MoistTech Joins RFA

July 2, 2019


The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) is pleased to announce that Florida-based MoistTech has recently joined the organization as an Associate Member. The company offers technical equipment that uses near-infrared technology to measure a wide range of product attributes, such as moisture, oil and fat content, coatings and adhesives. For the ethanol industry, MoistTech's sensors are typically used to measure and control moisture in the distillers grains drying process. "MoistTech is excited to join the RFA, expanding our knowledge and industry reach within the biofuels sector to support and share the benefits of moisture control in the DDG sectors," said Sarah Hammond, Marketing Coordinator for MoistTech. "We're happy to welcome MoistTech to the RFA family as an Associate Member and we appreciate their support of the ethanol industry," said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper. "Coproducts like DDGS are an incredibly important part of our industry's value chain, and companies like MoistTech help ensure the industry's products are of the highest quality and meet or surpass customer expectations. MoistTech and other technology providers play a critical behind-the-scenes role in helping our Producer Members become more efficient each and every day, and we are pleased to have them at the table." For more information on MoistTech, visit For more information on the value of an RFA membership, visit