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RFA Receives Fifth TRANSCAER Award for Ethanol Safety Seminars

April 20, 2017


For the fifth consecutive year, the Renewable Fuels Association has received a TRANSCAER® National Achievement Award for hosting a series of seminars last year on ethanol safety and emergency responders. The TRANSCAER® National Achievement Award is given in recognition of extraordinary achievement by an individual person, company, organization or a team in support of the TRANSCAER® initiative. In 2016, RFA held 20 ethanol safety seminars and five Train the Trainer events, which trains emergency responders on how to properly respond to an ethanol incident. Additionally, in August 2016, RFA launched its online Ethanol Emergency Response course, providing training targeted towards emergency responders. One hundred and sixty emergency responders completed the training, for a combined nearly 1,000 first responders trained. "We are honored to receive this award for the fifth year in a row," said RFA President and CEO Bob Dinneen. "Safety is always a top priority of the ethanol industry and while ethanol has been delivered 99.999 percent of the time without incident, accidents can happen. We want to make sure emergency responders are well trained should an incident occur." Since December 2010, RFA has hosted 192 ethanol safety seminars across 34 states, along with 10 Train the Trainer events, and has trained more than 6,500 emergency responders. RFA's next series of ethanol safety seminars will take place beginning this Sunday, April 30, in South Dakota. The seminars are held in partnership with TRANSCAER, BNSF and the International Association of Fire Chiefs. For more information on the Ethanol Safety Seminars, please contact Missy Ruff at [email protected].