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RFA Welcomes New Law Supporting E15 Sales in Nebraska

June 1, 2023

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RFA today thanked Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen and members of the state Legislature for a new law that will expand the availability of lower-cost E15 in the state and help retailers provide higher ethanol blends to their customers. The bill passed the Unicameral Legislature on Tuesday and was signed into law today by Gov. Pillen.


“This new law will help Nebraska families save money on a fuel choice that is also good for their state’s economy and environment,” said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper. “The use of lower-cost E15 has been shown to provide emissions reductions as well as cost savings, and the use of more American-made ethanol supports thousands of jobs in Nebraska and across America’s heartland. We look forward to working with retailers so they reach new drivers by providing a smart fuel option that has proven popular.”


RFA Vice President for Industry Relations Robert White attended the bill signing. Nebraska’s 24 ethanol biorefineries use 750 million bushels of corn to produce 2.3 billion gallons of ethanol and over 5 million tons of distillers grains as livestock feed each year, as well as other coproducts. This work supports more than 52,700 jobs in the state. In addition, the use of ethanol saves Nebraska drivers approximately $84 million each year, while reducing CO2 emissions by 314,000 metric tons.