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Major Gasoline Retailer Sheetz Expands E15 in the Mid-Atlantic

January 21, 2015


WASHINGTON — Today, Sheetz — a major retail gas station chain in the Mid-Atlantic — announced that 60 of its locations in North Carolina will offer E15 by the spring of 2016. This announcement comes on the heels of E15's expansion into 15 states. More states are expected to join the list as the higher-level fuel blend continues to grow and offer consumers additional fuel choice. Bob Dinneen, president and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association, commended Sheetz on its E15 commitment, noting, "Sheetz's decision to offer E15 at 60 of their locations is like a warm cup of cocoa on a cold January morning. It's invigorating to see a major North Carolina retailer like Sheetz actively decide to do what is best for their consumers by giving drivers access to additional fuel options. Sheetz clearly sees the benefits of E15 and it is my hope that all other retailers in North Carolina will follow Sheetz's exemplary example." E15 is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for use in vehicles 2001 and newer as well as all flex-fuel vehicles. It has also been given the green light by approximately 70 percent of automakers for use in their new MY 2015 vehicles and flex-fuel vehicles. Originally debuting on the market in 2012, E15 has been driven more than 100 million miles by consumers with no reported engine damage or misfueling.