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RFA Hosts Fourth Octane Webinar Thursday

September 6, 2016


The Renewable Fuels Foundation, the education and research arm of the Renewable Fuels Association, is hosting the  fourth of five webinars on Thursday focused on ethanol's unique octane properties, its importance as a blend component in today's gasoline supply, and its potential role as the low-carbon octane source of choice in future fuels. The Sept. 8 webinar will focus on future fuel economy standards, using advanced engine technologies to improve fuel economy and how turbocharged and high-compression ratio engines benefit from high-octane, mid-level ethanol blends. The webinar, which is being conducted by MathPro, Inc., a firm specializing in technical and economic analysis of the petroleum refining sector, will be held from 11 a.m. – noon CT and is free for RFA members. The fee for non-members is $250 per session. To reserve your spot, please contact Missy Ruff at [email protected] or 202-446-1944. Karen Anderson-Schank of RFA member company CHS has said these webinars "present an excellent opportunity to learn more about the tremendous octane benefits provided by ethanol....After participating in the first webinar, I would strongly recommend this series to colleagues in the industry." Following Thursday's session, there is one more webinar in the series on Sept. 29. The final webinar will focus on the economics of high octane fuels. More information on all five webinars is available here.