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RFA Welcomes Aemetis as Newest Producer Member

November 28, 2018


The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) is pleased to announce that California-based advanced renewable fuels company Aemetis, Inc. has joined RFA as a member. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Aemetis is an advanced renewable fuels and biochemicals company focused on the production of advanced fuels and chemicals through the acquisition, development and commercialization of innovative technologies that replace traditional petroleum-based products by conversion of first-generation ethanol and biodiesel plants into advanced biorefineries. Aemetis, which has more than 140 employees worldwide, operates a 60 million gallon per year ethanol and animal feed production facility in Keyes, California.  The company also operates a 50 million gallon per year biorefinery on the East Coast of India producing high quality, distilled biodiesel and refined glycerin for customers in India and Europe. Additionally, the company operates a research and development laboratory and holds granted patents on technology related to the production of renewable fuels and renewable chemicals. "Aemetis is pleased to join the RFA, which provides invaluable industry expertise and will help amplify our voice on Capitol Hill and throughout the world," said Aemetis Chairman and CEO Eric McAfee. "Exports of renewable fuels such as high octane, low carbon ethanol are increasing, helping countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meeting the growing demand for cleaner transportation fuels. With our international footprint, Aemetis is uniquely positioned to supply low carbon biofuels under the Low Carbon Fuel Standard in California, as well as countries around the globe seeking to meet expanding clean fuel targets.  We look forward to working with the RFA to ensure the ethanol industry continues to innovate and grow," he added. "We are excited to welcome Aemetis to the RFA, and we value the unique perspective, experience and leadership the company brings to the table," said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper. "RFA is proud to provide industry-leading technical, research, government relations, regulatory and public relations expertise to Aemetis and the rest of our membership. We look forward to working with the Aemetis team and other RFA members to chart the future course of America's vibrant renewable fuels industry."