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RFA, Buffalo Chip Campground Again Teaming Up for Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

July 31, 2017


WASHINGTON - For the ninth consecutive year, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) will partner with the Buffalo Chip Campground to host the 77th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, scheduled for Aug. 4-13 in Sturgis, S.D. The event offers a unique opportunity to promote the benefits of high-octane, low-cost ethanol to the motorcycling community. It will also mark the first Sturgis rally for all motorists to take advantage of a recently opened permanent fueling station, donated by RFA at the Buffalo Chip Campground, and fuel up with 93 octane, 10% ethanol. The station is open 24 hours a day to all vehicles, not just motorcycles. As in previous years, RFA will again sponsor Free Fuel Happy Hours at the rally, providing a free tank of 93 octane E10 for motorcycles. The free tank giveaway will be held Aug. 8-Aug. 10, from 1-3pm MT each day at the Buffalo Chip Campground. RFA will also have a presence throughout the campground with banners, commercials on the jumbotrons and addressing the concert crowd each night. Additionally, RFA Vice President of Industry Relations Robert White, who is a rally veteran, will be on hand to answer any questions as motorcycle riders fill up on the high-octane fuel. "I always look forward to attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally," said White. "It's a great opportunity to educate the motorcycling community on the numerous benefits of ethanol, and help correct the misinformation spread by ethanol's opponents.  Every motorcycle manufacturer that sells product in the United States approves the use of up to 10% ethanol, and we want to make sure riders know they can fuel up with the cleanest, lowest cost, highest octane source of fuel on the planet in their motorcycles at the rally, and all of their engines at home." "The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is a great event and provides a perfect venue to chat with bikers, educating them on the countless benefits of ethanol," said Dana Siefkes-Lewis, the chief administrative officer for South Dakota ethanol producer Redfield Energy, and an RFA board member. Lewis, who attended her first Sturgis rally in 2016, said she enjoyed meeting riders and highlighting that all motorcycle manufacturers approve ethanol's use.  "Motorcyclists want the higher octane and ethanol gives them that extra power boost. Riders can fuel up with ethanol and be proud to use a transportation source that's homegrown, cleaner and gives that extra power." Part of RFA's Sturgis efforts come in response to the continued anti-ethanol efforts of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA). RFA reached out to AMA earlier this year to ask if the organization would partner with RFA's efforts at Sturgis to educate riders, at no cost to them, but AMA declined. AMA insists that the ethanol industry wants to push E15 into motorcycles, and that is simply not the case. "There is no push for an E15 mandate, no one is encouraging motorcycles to use it and RFA is the only organization working to actually address fueling concerns for motorcycles at the pump. E15 will simply be a choice, and riders will always have a fuel option appropriate for motorcycles," added White. At the rally, RFA will also sponsor the tenth annual Legends Ride on Aug. 7, which has raised nearly $500,000 for charity since its inception, and will have giveaways, including a free t-shirt, which will include the logo on the right. The action begins Aug. 6. Follow Robert White on Twitter at @fuelinggood for live updates.