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RFA Receives TRANSCAER® Honor for Ethanol Education Safety Initiatives

May 20, 2015


WASHINGTON — Today, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) was awarded the 2014 TRANSCAER® Achievement Award. This is the third year in a row that RFA has been awarded this honor as it continues working to ensure first responders have the proper training and resources to respond to ethanol-related emergencies. According to TRANSCAER® the award is given to "recognize the achievements of individuals, companies, and organizations which have gone beyond the normal call of duty to advocate, demonstrate and implement the principles of TRANSCAER®." TRANSCAER® is a volunteer coalition that works to ensure our nation's emergency responders are educated with the most up-to-date information to ensure they — and their communities — are prepared to handle hazardous material disasters. RFA established an "Ethanol Safety Seminar" program — in conjunction with TRANSCAER® — to educate emergency responders on the make-up and properties of ethanol as well as proper emergency techniques when responding to potentially harmful scenarios. The curriculum is centered on Ethanol Emergency Response Coalition's (EERC) "Training Guide to Ethanol Emergency Response," which has been used over the past five years to educate 4,600 first responders all across the country. Kristy Moore, RFA's vice president of technical services, stated, "While the ethanol industry is rightly proud of our enviable rail safety record — 99.997 percent of our shipments arrived without incident over the past five years — we also know that accidents can happen and we are always looking to improve and to assure an effective emergency response even for those rare cases." Moore continued, "A popular adage goes something like this: 'proper prior planning prevents poor performance'. That is what we are trying to accomplish with the safety seminars and the partnership with TRANSCAER®. Equipped with the proper planning and information emergency responders will be prepared to effectively handle any ethanol-related situation that comes alone. We would like to thank TRANSCAER® for this award and for their continued partnership over the years to accomplish our shared goal of taking a pro-active response to safety." Missy Ruff, RFA's technical services manager, was on hand to receive the award at the AAR/BOE Hazardous Materials Seminar in Addison, Texas. For more information on the Ethanol Safety Seminars or to obtain a copy of the "Training Guide to Ethanol Emergency Response," please contact Missy at [email protected].