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RFA Releases 2023 Ethanol Industry Outlook and Pocket Guide: “Ready. Set. Go!”

February 28, 2023

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The Renewable Fuels Association released its 2023 Ethanol Industry Outlook and Pocket Guide today during the 28th annual National Ethanol Conference in Orlando. The annual publications serve as the go-to source of ethanol industry information, facts, and statistics.


In 2022, the U.S. ethanol industry regained the same momentum that fueled its remarkable growth following passage of the original Renewable Fuel Standard in 2005. In the past year, EPA proposed robust RFS volumes through 2025 that provide certainty and an opportunity for growth, and the agency put an end to abusive small refiner exemptions that had decimated RFS demand for years. Other victories included passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, securing emergency waivers that allowed for the summertime use of E15, USDA distributing $700 million in COVID relief funding, and USDA partnering with fuel retailers and marketers to invest in the infrastructure needed to expand sales of inE15 and E85.


“The Renewable Fuels Association intends to keep the momentum and build upon those successes in 2023,” writes RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper in the Outlook. “We still believe the secret to sustained success for ethanol lies in its ability to reduce carbon, and we’ll pursue policies promoting and incentivizing low-carbon fuels and increasing ethanol’s share of the gas tank, including E15, E20/E30, and E85. RFA members will meet their commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and we will lead the effort here and abroad to expand ethanol’s market opportunities.”


For two dozen years, the annual Outlook publication has provided policymakers, regulators, consumers, the media, and renewable fuel advocates with key statistics, trends, insight, and analysis on the latest developments in the U.S. ethanol industry, as well as commentary on what to expect in the coming year. The publication is recognized worldwide as the go-to source for ethanol industry facts, while also featuring a detailed fold-out listing of every fuel ethanol plant in the country, along with production capacity.


The Pocket Guide to Ethanol contains much of the same information as the Outlook, but in an abbreviated format and smaller size for ease of use. A related video also debuts at the event this week. Those who want to review past Outlooks and see the tremendous strides the industry has made over the past few decades can find them here.