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AEC Applauds Third Way RFS Report

April 2, 2015


WASHINGTON — Third Way released a new report today detailing the commercial deployment of cellulosic ethanol and its link to the existing ethanol industry. Brooke Coleman, executive director of the Advanced Ethanol Council, praised the report for its accurate analysis of the industry and the importance of the Renewable Fuel Standard, stating: "The Third Way report on the RFS is a breath of fresh air in a discussion often polluted with misinformation. The report highlights the fact that second generation biofuels are piggybacking on the successes of first generation biofuels, in much the same way that innovations in the solar and wind industries are outgrowths of the successes of those industries to date. But the biggest point, coming from a thought leader in the space like Third Way, is that Congressional intervention on the RFS would be highly detrimental to the deployment of cellulosic biofuel. There is certainly some tuning that needs to occur administratively, but Third Way is right that Congress should leave the RFS alone."