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RFA Pleased GROWMARK Energy Offering Pre-Blended E15 at Terminals in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri

November 2, 2018


The Renewable Fuels Association is pleased to announce that GROWMARK Energy has started offering pre-blended E15 at its company-owned terminals in Amboy, Ashkum, and Petersburg, Ill., Fort Dodge, Iowa, and St. Joseph, Mo. RFA has been working with GROWMARK on a number of issues related to offering E15 at the terminals, including regulatory compliance, participation in the EPA's required fuel survey, and adoption of RFA's Misfueling Mitigation Plan (MMP). "We are pleased to hear GROWMARK Energy will offer E15 at its terminals, helping to expand the market for the higher ethanol blend," said Renewable Fuels Association Vice President of Industry Relations Robert White. "GROWMARK Energy's announcement provides new opportunities for retailers and a greater choice for consumers. We thank GROWMARK Energy for its leadership and look forward to further growth expansion of higher octane, lower carbon E15." RFA will continue to work with interested retailers serviced by the six GROWMARK-owned terminals to assist them with the transition to offering E15 at retail. More information about GROWMARK Energy is available at