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RFA Welcomes BK-H2Energy, LLC as Newest Associate Member

January 27, 2023

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The Renewable Fuels Association today welcomed BK-H2Energy, LLC as its newest associate member. BK-H2Energy, LLC is a consulting company engaged in the transition of diesel/gas and CNG vehicles to battery electric and hydrogen fuel cells. It is focusing on the transportation sector and collaborating with Golu Hydrogen Technologies, which has developed a way to use ethanol as a feedstock to produce low-cost green hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles and electric power required for charging the battery-electric cars and trucks.     


“We are thrilled to have BK-H2Energy joining the RFA community,” said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper. “The company’s technology represents an exciting new use and non-traditional market opportunity for ethanol. As a low-carbon, hydrogen-rich molecule, ethanol can serve as an excellent, low-cost feedstock for tomorrow’s clean energy solutions. We look forward to working with the whole team at BK-H2Energy.”


“BK-H2Energy, LLC is excited to join the Renewable Fuels Association and partner on opportunities to develop the use of ethanol in producing clean hydrogen and electricity for the emerging EV and hydrogen vehicle marketplace,” said Harpal Kapoor, founder of BK-H2 Energy. “The GOLU-H2 technology will be used for conversion of ethanol to low-cost green hydrogen, which will help in sustaining agriculture and rural jobs in the future. It will create new markets for ethanol in transportation, micro grid, power, steel and other difficult-to-decarbonize industries. Utilizing the existing ethanol infrastructure, the ethanol industry can be a part of the EV transition by creating a network of hydrogen and electric vehicle charging stations. This will help sustain locally produced low-carbon ethanol beyond 2050 when millions of internal combustion engines will be replaced by battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell/hydrogen internal combustion engines. As an associate member, we look forward to partnering with fuel producers, regulators, and other key stakeholders as we work together towards a more sustainable transportation.”       


Click here for more information on BK-H2Energy, LLC. Click here for more information on the value of an RFA membership and click here for a list of current members. Among the special benefits of an associate membership in RFA are invitations to events and networking opportunities; routine updates on legislative, market development, membership, education & outreach, technical & research, and communications issues; and inclusion in the Associate Member Directory and access to the Board Member Directory. Members also can participate in RFA’s Technical, Environmental, Health & Safety, and Co-Products Committees and can provide input on RFA policy, activities, and priorities.