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RFA Website Now Tracking E15 Prices, Data

October 6, 2016


WASHINGTON — Searching for stations offering 15 percent ethanol blends — and prices — just got a lot easier. The website, managed by the Renewable Fuels Association, now includes E15 in its services. The website, a crowdsourced service, now allows consumers to toggle between E15 and E85, locating information and reporting prices on either fuel blend. The improvements also allow consumers to review E15 prices reported by others, price spreads for each state, historical statistics and more, giving them access to the lowest price gasoline available. In 2012, EPA gave final approval to E15 for 2001 and later model year vehicles, which accounts for 80 percent of today's automotive fleet. "We are pleased to be able to broaden the website's information to include information on E15," said Robert White, vice president of industry relations at RFA. "There are now hundreds of stations throughout most of the U.S. that offer E15, and that number will grow into the thousands next year. We want to make sure consumers know and can track that information, so they can take advantage of higher ethanol blends and the savings associated with using alternative fuels." The website also maintains a database of blender pump locations and an online forum.