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RFA: Senator Cruz Victory Does Not Mean Ethanol Industry on its “Last Legs”

February 2, 2016


WASHINGTON — Last night's win of the Iowa caucuses by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has spawned a narrative that presidential candidates campaigning in the state no longer have to express support for the domestic ethanol industry or the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Bob Dinneen issued the following statement pushing back against that narrative by disputing the notion that ethanol is no longer an important factor in determining who is chosen as the victor in Iowa. "The narrative coming out after last night's Iowa caucus that the domestic ethanol industry is somehow on the ropes is false," said Dinneen. "Many people seem to have forgotten that, in the run-up to last night's caucus vote, though Sen. Cruz stated he was opposed to the RFS he also expressed support for ethanol as a fuel. In fact the senator has discussed the need to provide American consumers better access to ethanol fuels like E25 or E30, stating that they could prove to be quite popular with American consumers who are increasingly concerned about fuel economy. The senator also called ethanol an effective additive because it increases octane and decreases harmful tailpipe emissions. That doesn't sound like someone to me who is writing off the domestic ethanol industry. That sounds to me like someone who is just being true to his no-mandates of any kind philosophy. "Moreover, pundits anxious to write off ethanol's potential currency in Iowa should note that more than 85 percent of the votes cast in Iowa last night were in support of candidates who continue to champion the RFS."