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Free Webinar Helps Fuel Marketers, Others Understand E15

June 3, 2019


ST. LOUIS—Now that the EPA has approved E15 for year-round use in conventional gasoline markets, the Renewable Fuels Association will host a webinar to help retailers and others in the supply chain learn how this decision impacts the marketplace and how retailers can now engage in year-round sales. The webinar will be at no cost to participants and all are welcome to join. Participants will learn all about efforts to educate consumers on E15. The one-hour webinar will take place starting at 10 a.m. CT Thursday, June 6. Click here to register. "Fuel blenders and retailers have been waiting seven years for year-round approval of E15 and it has finally arrived," said Robert White, RFA's Vice President of Industry Relations. "It is time to help those interested in offering E15 understand the final rulemaking, what it takes to offer E15 and assist them through the process." E15 already has a proven track record for saving drivers money at the pump and reducing emissions, and today's action will ensure that more Americans are able to enjoy those benefits. Year-round E15 will also provide a badly needed long-term demand boost for our industry and America's farmers, who face several daunting challenges today. E15 Facts:

  • American drivers have travelled more than 8 billion hassle-free miles on E15 without a single reported problem since it was first commercially introduced in 2012.
  • More than 93 percent of the vehicles on the road today are legally approved by EPA to use E15.
  • E15 typically sells for 3-10 cents per gallon less than E10 gasoline, saving drivers money with each fill-up. Overall nationally, ethanol lowers the cost of a gallon of gas by 22 cents.