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RFA Launches 2023 Summer Contest with Free Fuel as the Prize

May 25, 2023

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Our country is again experiencing fuel supply issues and high fuel prices, and everyone is looking for a break at the pump. Ethanol has been providing savings for years, but even more so this summer as the availability of lower-cost E15 and E85 grows.


To further highlight those savings and educate U.S. drivers on ethanol’s value proposition, the Renewable Fuels Association is again hosting its annual Ethanol Days of Summer Contest with weekly chances to win free fuel. This year’s contest will allow consumers more ways to win! Each week, RFA will award $250 in free fuel from Memorial Day to Labor Day.


There are two ways to enter the contests and win:


1. Submit prices to Register for an account or log in at or use the mobile app. Submit retail station prices for higher blends of ethanol like E15 and E85.


2. Submit pictures of higher blend prices on Twitter. Pictures can be of the fuel dispenser or price sign and should include, at a minimum, regular unleaded (E10) and E15 and/or E85. Include station name, city, and state. Tag @EthanolRFA and include the hashtags: #ethanol #E15 #E85 and #fuelprices (unless those words are already mentioned).


Contestants who follow one of the two methods above will be entered into a random weekly drawing for a pre-paid credit card to be used for fuel purchases.


More than 5,700 stations are now selling E85 across more than 3,000 cities, and more than 2,900 stations in 31 states offer E15. Among other information, contains a nationwide map of E85 and E15 stations and historical pricing. An ethanol savings calculator is also featured, allowing users to see how much money they can save by using higher ethanol blends.


“It’s time for summer and another year of our summer contest,” said RFA Vice President of Industry Relations Robert White. “The popularity of this contest has grown each year and we expect it to be even more popular this year. Ethanol lowers the price that consumers pay, while also lowering greenhouse gas emissions and harmful air pollution. We are adding new stations that offer E15 and E85 each week, and we want consumers to find those stations, save some money and have some fun doing it.”


No purchase is necessary to participate, and more information can be found at