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RFA: Your Source for E15 Information That Matters

June 6, 2019


For nearly four decades, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) has been the trusted ethanol industry leader both on Capitol Hill and on Main Street U.S.A., supporting those who produce and sell ethanol. With the recent decision by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to allow the year-round sale of E15, a 15 percent ethanol blend, retailers in particular need information and technical resources they can trust. "EPA's action last week allowing E15 to be sold year-round is already generating lots of interest and questions from retailers who were waiting for more clarity and certainty," said RFA President and CEO Geoff Cooper. "Our association has worked with EPA, terminal operators, retailers, and many others to provide important tools to every part of the supply chain before E15 ends up in drivers' gas tanks. We want to ensure that retailers, marketers, terminal operators and others who are taking a serious look at E15 for the first time have all the information they need at their fingertips." The following key RFA resources on E15 are available publicly:

  • RFA's Model Misfuelling Mitigation Plan, which has become the de-facto gold standard approved and promoted by the EPA. Prior to selling E15, retailers must have plans in place outlining the measures they will take to reduce the potential of misfuelling vehicles that cannot use E15; RFA's plan—the only one approved by EPA—provides an easy template to follow as entities prepare to sell E15. More information can be found on the EPA's website.
  • RFA's comprehensive E15 Retailer Handbook is designed to provide fuel retailers with regulatory and technical guidance in order to legally store and sell E15 ethanol blends. The handbook provides sample checklists and questions that all potential E15 retailers should contemplate before moving forward with offerings of E15.RFA's technical staff offers retail equipment compatibility assessments free of charge. These assessments include a rigorous review of existing equipment to determine what changes or upgrades may be needed to offer E15. Comprehensive E15 information for fuel retailers can be found here.
  • RFA supported the development of a comprehensive review of E15 infrastructure compatibility considerations, available here. Additional information on E15 retail and terminal infrastructure is available here.
  • Beyond retailers, educating consumers is another way RFA has demonstrated active leadership. The association, for example, offers a website where drivers can share current prices at their favorite spots, for E15 and E85. To spur interest in this effort, RFA recently launched its annual "Ethanol Days of Summer" campaign to draw consumers to the site, where they can start posting prices they see at the pump, for the chance to win money.
  • RFA also offers a variety of fact sheets on E15, like this one on using it in vehicles, and a related FAQ. For all interested parties, RFA offers an annual review of which automakers explicitly approve the use of E15 in their vehicles. Click here for the 2019 report.
  • RFA also participates in industry-wide efforts to strengthen E15 education and outreach, as recommended by EPA. Click here for more information.
"RFA is proud to offer these resources to retailers and consumers, and to share our strong confidence in the future of ethanol," Cooper said. "E15 is a win-win for all, lowering gas prices, supporting the rural economy and helping clear the air. With it now available year-round, we can all breathe a little easier."