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San Francisco Welcomes E85

March 20, 2015


WASHINGTON — Today marks the first offering of E85 to flex-fuel vehicle owners in San Francisco. Pearson Fuels and All Stars Fuel will be celebrating the high-octane E85 at today's ribbon cutting by offering E85 at $0.85 per gallon today from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 2831 Cesar Chavez St. in San Francisco. Robert White, vice president of industry relations at the Renewable Fuels Association, commented, "There are more than 18 million flex-fuel vehicles registered in the United States. Drivers of these vehicles deserve access to E85 and today the Renewable Fuels Association commends Pearson Fuels and All Stars Fuel for identifying the need to bring this low-cost, cleaner-burning, alternative fuel to San Francisco." E85 is approved for use in all flex-fuel vehicles and more than 3,450 stations are offering higher-level ethanol blends to consumers nationwide. Learn more at and