Countdown: Lower-Cost E15 Fuel Under Threat

Washington Must Act Now to Save Summertime E15 


Gas prices remain elevated and hard-working families are feeling pain at the pump. Fortunately, American-made ethanol provides some relief. Today, gas with 15 percent ethanol is the lowest-priced fuel available. But this blend, E15, will disappear on Thursday, June 1, unless Washington acts NOW.


A March 2023 poll found strong support for year-round E15 sales. 70% of poll respondents support increasing the availability of E15 to help lower fuel prices and support energy independence, while 62% percent support recently introduced bipartisan legislation that would allow the lower-carbon E15 blend to be sold year-round nationwide.


Call your Senators and Representatives today. And call the White House at 202-456-1111. Tell them we need E15 this summer. We can’t afford ANOTHER price hike at the pump.