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RFA Kicks Off 2024 Summer Contest with Free Fuel Prizes to Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend

May 21, 2024

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As millions of Americans look ahead to summer vacations and family road trips, stubbornly high fuel prices remain a top concern. Fortunately, there is a solution to help drivers save their hard-earned money when they pull up to the pump. Ethanol blends like E15 and E85 offer cost-conscious consumers a lower-priced, lower-carbon fuel to get them where they’re going this summer.


To kick off the summer travel season, RFA is launching its Ethanol Days of Summer Contest. The contest will run from Memorial Day through Labor Day, offering participants weekly chances to win $300 in free fuel. These prizes aim to highlight the economic benefits of ethanol and to encourage drivers across the country to consider these sustainable fuel options.


Participants can enter the contest in two ways:

  1. Price Submissions: Register or log in at or via the mobile app, and submit retail station prices for E15 and/or E85.
  2. Photo Submissions: Contestants may also post photographs showcasing higher blend fuel prices on social media platform X. Photographs should display the fuel dispenser or price signage and must include, at a minimum, the prices of regular unleaded (E10), E15 and/or E85. Submissions should mention the station name, city, state, tag @EthanolRFA, and include the hashtags #ethanol, #E15, #E85, #fuelprices.

The number of stations selling E85 has expanded to over 5,800 across more than 3,000 cities, and E15 is now available at over 3,500 stations across more than 1,600 cities. provides a comprehensive nationwide map of these stations, station locator and historical pricing. The site also features an ethanol savings calculator, helping users calculate potential savings from using higher ethanol blends.


“Our annual contest has become a welcomed part of the summer driving season with thousands of new registered users each year,” said Robert White, SVP of Industry Relations and Market Development. “Higher blends like E15 and E85 not only lower cost at the pump, they also reduce harmful tailpipe pollution and carbon emissions. We hope consumers will find new stations—and lower prices—through our contest and enjoy summer just a little more!”


No purchase is necessary to participate in the contest. More details can be found at