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The List – 2018

January 2, 2018


Before there was a "What's Trending" on Twitter or Facebook, indeed before there was a Facebook or Twitter, or even an internet, there was "The List" from The Washington Post, providing insight into what was "In" and what was "Out" every year. It was as predictable as the ball dropping at Times Square on New Year's Eve, and it remains wildly popular among Senators and interns alike in Washington, D.C. today. It is a must-read before turning to college football bowl games on New Year's Day and provides fodder for water cooler conversation for weeks. I read my first "List" 40 years ago in 1977 and was chagrined to learn that Disco was out and Punk Rock was in. I didn't even know what punk rock was at the time. Apparently, "The List" was pretty cutting edge. Of course, by the following January, punk rock would be out and something called Rap would be in. Keeping up was a challenge. "The List" was never intended to be erudite social commentary and certainly not a reliable compendium of history or current events. But it was a fun and whimsical exercise. I was hooked. And because imitation is the highest form of flattery, I began compiling my own "List" many years ago to provoke light-hearted contemplation about the trends in the ethanol industry. So, with tongue firmly placed in cheek, and deep appreciation to The Washington Post, I provide this year's "Ethanol List."

RFS Repeal RFS Reform
Comprehensive Tax Reform Tax Breaks for Oil and ANWR
Free Trade in Biofuels Protectionism from US Ethanol
Holding up Bill Wehrum Holding up Bill Northey
REGs Rule RVP Parity
Paris Agreement USDA Analysis Shows Corn Ethanol GHG Benefit
Renewable Diesel Corn Fiber Cellulose Ethanol
Exports to Brazil Brazilian TRQ & Tariff
Changing the Point of Obligation Imposing a 10 cent D6 Credit Cap
D6 RIN Volatility D8 RIN proposal
DOT 111 Rail Cars New DOT 117 Rail Cars
Senator Al Franken Senator Tina Smith
Chinese Barriers to DDG Trade Chinese Barriers to Ethanol Trade
EVs as Threat EVs as Opportunity
American Motorcycle Assn Attacks on Ethanol Sturgis E10 Station Embraced by Cyclists
2022 RFS Risk Pruitt Says Corn Ethanol Could Expand in 2022
Building Partnerships, Growing Markets Ethanol Strong
Pacific Trade Pact & NAFTA Ethanol Blending in Japan & Mexico
Mike Adams at Agri-Talk Chip Flory at Agri-Talk
EPA Using Demand Factors in Setting RVOs DC Circuit Court of Appeals EPA Smackdown