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BoatUS Anti-Ethanol Press Release ‘Falls Ridiculously Far from the Truth’

May 17, 2017


In an unfortunate attempt to discredit the use of E10 (10% ethanol) fuel in marine engines, a press release issued Tuesday by BoatUS falls ridiculously far from the facts and the truth regarding E10 fuel in marine engines. Crappie Masters would like to respond to a few of the so- called "hard truths” in the BoatUS press release:


  1. Any survey can be skewed to fit your agenda simply by the questions you ask and to who you survey, and how many you ask. Example: Was everyone surveyed a newer marine engine owner or older, etc? Regarding lower fuel economy, any loss in miles per gallon is minuscule, plus consumers reap the benefit of lower fuel cost, putting more money in consumers’ pockets.


  2.  It is true that RFA is a first year sponsor of Crappie Masters, but not the Anglers, who have spoken volumes in support of E10 in their motors. Nearly three years ago, Crappie Masters began a bonus program, offering additional winnings for the teams that use E10 in their motors.


To date, every winning team has collected the E10 bonus, with no reported engine issues.  We know that to be fact, as all winning teams are subjected to a post-tournament polygraph test.


  1.  Ethanol does not cause water phase separation.  Bad gasoline ingredients do.  Ethanol is a drying agent.
  2.  Regular maintenance is key with any engine, regardless of what fuel it uses. If your boat or small engine is idle for 30 or more days, you should use a gasoline stabilizer on it. Notice the term gasoline stabilizer. Ethanol is already stable and that’s a fact.  Ethanol doesn’t cause engine problems; it exposes already existing problems caused by years of gasoline sitting in lines and engine components.

Crappie Masters is a proud supporter and believer in E10 fuel, as well as a proud supporter of America’s farmers, and believes fuel grown at home is the best option for everyone.  Scientific data shows that. Find out the true facts before believing propaganda from groups with ulterior motives. Mike Vallentine President, Crappie Masters