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June Ethanol Imports Fall to Lowest Level in Nearly Three Years

August 6, 2013


U.S. ethanol exports fell to 34 million gallons (mg) in June, down 17% from May and the lowest monthly total since August 2010. Meanwhile, ethanol imports were 35.7 mg in June, meaning the U.S. was a net importer for the first time in six months. Year-to-date exports stood at 280.6 mg, indicating annualized exports of 561.2 mg. Exports of denatured fuel ethanol totaled 29.1 mg in June, down marginally from May. Canada was again the leading destination by an overwhelming margin, accounting for 93% of shipments. Peru (1.7 mg) and the Netherlands (287,509 gals.) were other top markets. Exports of undenatured ethanol for fuel use plunged to 4.0 mg—less than half of May's total and the lowest since July 2010. Brazil was the top customer for undenatured fuel product, bringing in 2.7 mg. At 1.3 mg, Mexico was the other top importer of U.S. undenatured fuel ethanol in June. U.S. exports of denatured and undenatured ethanol for non-fuel, non-beverage purposes totaled 846,390 gals. in June. U.S. imports of ethanol jumped to 35.7 mg in June, up 58% from May. More than 99% of the imports came directly from Brazil, with a trace amount coming from the United Kingdom. Year-to-date imports stood at 194.4 mg through June, far behind the pace envisioned by EPA to meet the 2013 advanced biofuel requirements. EPA expects 666 mg of imported sugarcane ethanol will be needed in 2013. Exports of distillers dried grains, the animal feed co-product generated by dry mill ethanol plants, were up 4% at 754,102 metric tons (mt). That marks the highest monthly total since May 2012. China was the top market in June, bringing in 306,373 mt. Mexico (109,023 mt) and Canada (50,725 mt) followed. Year-to-date DDG exports stood at 3.96 million mt through June.