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RFA Members Among Recipients of Safety Awards

November 5, 2010


Safety at an ethanol plant is always a number one priority of RFA Members, and any U.S. ethanol facility for that matter. The industry supports thousands of jobs throughout the country at these plants, and it is important the personnel know they are going to work in a safe environment every day. Earlier this week ERI Solutions Inc, the industry leader for safety services in grain ethanol, announced the winners of their third annual ERI safety awards. Each year, there are three levels of awards given to ethanol producers who have exemplified ideal safety conditions in their facilities and show commitment to continuing these efforts year after year. Of these three levels of awards, there were quite a few RFA Member plants who were honored recipients. The Award of Excellence – the second highest ranking award – goes to production facilities that rank in the top 10% of the group's results. Of the five recipients, three RFA Members were awarded with this honor, Advanced BioEnergy (ABE) South Dakota-Huron, Adkins Energy and East Kansas Agri-Energy. The Award of Merit – the third highest ranking award – goes to production facilities that rank in the top 25% of the group's performance. Again, three RFA Members were recipients of this award including, Absolute Energy, Central Indiana Ethanol, and Little Sioux Corn Processors. As these ethanol facilities help our country reduce addiction to foreign oil and move toward energy independence, they are making sure that the plants are running as efficiently and safely as possible. Congratulations to all the recipients!