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Let’s Get the Conversation Started

June 29, 2010


Welcome to the Renewable Fuels Association venue for ideas and thoughts pertaining to America's ethanol industry. Like many other blogs, the E-xchange will be a place for an open exchange of ideas. Unlike some other association blog sites, the RFA welcomes your input on the ideas and stories that we share. Before we get started, how about just a couple of ground rules:
  • First, we will always respect the views of our readers even if they differ from ours. We ask that you show us the same respect. Let's leave personal attacks and wild rhetorical claims to the cable TV shows.
  • Second, we are not a large association and as such, it may take a while for us to respond to comments. You should know that we will be screening comments for appropriate language. We pledge to provide a good cross section of views we receive so this is truly an exchange of ideas.
  • Third, we welcome your input on stories or ideas relating to American biofuel industry. We also welcome constructive criticism if we have our facts incorrect.
With that said, welcome to the RFA's E-xchange. Please visit us often!