Higher Quality At A Lower Price

We know drivers look for savings when they purchase fuel. E15 is a high–quality fuel that contains 15 percent American-made ethanol and 85 percent gasoline, saving consumers money at the pump. E15 also burns cleaner than straight gasoline and helps America's energy independence.


After debuting at a Kansas gas station in 2012, E15 has spread rapidly and is now sold in over half the country. RFA estimates that nearly 97 percent of registered vehicles on the road today are legally approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to use E15, and many manufacturers recommend drivers use E15.


New:  Click here for the E15 Fact Sheet responding to misconceptions about the year-round use of this lower-cost, lower-carbon fuel.


Facts about E15

E15 Reduces Emissions that Cause Air Pollution

Ethanol is an affordable, efficient tool to improve air quality by reducing carbon and other harmful emissions. Because ethanol is a pure compound that is 35 percent oxygen, it burns more cleanly and completely than gasoline, which can contain as many as 1,000 unique compounds. Reducing these emissions means fewer cases of respiratory illnesses, asthma, heart disease, lung disease, cancer, and even fewer premature deaths.

E15 Holds Down Prices at the Pump

Using ethanol helps lower gasoline prices by ensuring options at the pump and expanding gasoline supplies, which improves our energy independence by lowering imports of expensive, petroleum-based gasoline components or more crude oil from unstable parts of the world like the Middle East. Use our Ethanol Savings Calculator to find out how much you can save by fueling up with E15.



E15 Lowers Carbon Emissions

Ethanol helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40-50% compared to petroleum. By displacing hydrocarbon substances like aromatics in gasoline, ethanol significantly reduces emissions of air toxics, particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, and exhaust hydrocarbons.  You can read more about ethanol’s impact on the environment here.

E15 Improves America’s Energy Independence

Increased ethanol production continues to help diversify our nation’s fuel supply and dampen the impacts of petroleum market shocks. The more American-made ethanol use, the more energy independent we are. You can read more about how ethanol helps reduce our dependence on foreign oil here.



E15 is Safe and Economical

E15 has proven itself as a safe, economical and popular fuel. It is estimated that American drivers have logged over a billion miles on E15, taking advantage of its efficient price, high quality and environmental benefits. See which vehicles are approved for E15 use.


E15 is not recommended for motorcycles and vehicles made before 2001, light-duty trucks, and medium-duty passenger vehicles.  Off-road vehicles, such as boats and snowmobiles, all off-road equipment, including lawnmowers and chainsaws, and vehicles with heavy-duty engines should use other alternatives as well.  For more information, please see the RFA Automobile Fact Sheet for E15  and the RFA FAQ Sheet for E15  that address fuel economy, the testing of E15, and other frequently asked questions.