Meet Our Staff

Our team features the most combined experience working on behalf of U.S. ethanol.
Missy Ruff

Director of Safety and Technical Programs

[email protected]

Missy leads RFA’s award-winning safety initiatives and assists with numerous technical and regulatory initiatives, including rail issues.


She helps facilitate RFA’s Technical, Environmental and Safety Committees, and leads RFA’s involvement in TRANSCAER.  She has a vital role in implementing safe practices regarding the production, storage, handling, transportation and use of ethanol. Missy monitors and shares information on hazardous materials, safety standards, and federal and state safety regulations.


Missy has successfully applied for and secured grant funding for industry safety initiatives, and has planned and executed hundreds of Ethanol Safety Seminars and workshops across the country training thousands of attendees. She works with, state and federal agencies, industry partners, emergency responders, consumers, petroleum marketers and retailers among others.