Ethanol Days of Summer Contest

Labor Day signaled the unofficial end of summer and the official end of the Renewable Fuels Association’s third annual “Ethanol Days of Summer” contest. During the three-month contest, which offered consumers the chance to win $50 in free fuel per day, more than 3,100 new users of registered and helped report prices for higher ethanol blends like E15 and E85, as well as conventional fuels.

The contest highlighted the price discount between ethanol blends and regular unleaded fuel, reported on The website is crowdsourced and provides pricing and locations for thousands of stations selling E85 and E15 blends across the country. By submitting prices they see, contest winners collectively received $4,950 in free fuel.

The market for higher ethanol blends continues to grow. All model year 2001 and later light duty vehicles can use 15% ethanol (E15), accounting for more than 90% of the vehicles on the road today. Additionally, more than 22 million flex fuel vehicles can use 85% ethanol (E85).

About features pricing for E15 and E85. E15 is an ethanol fuel blend that is approved in all vehicles 2001 and newer. E85 is also known as Flex Fuel and approved for all Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFVs). Not sure if your vehicle is Flex Fuel? Check out our FFV 2019 brochure here.

All of the fuel prices on are crowdsourced, meaning the prices you submit are used by other drivers to see where they can get the best price for their fuel! Because ethanol is cheaper than its fossil fuel counterparts, you’ll notice that the higher the ethanol blend – the lower the fuel cost!

About ethanol, E15, and E85:

Want to learn more about ethanol and why it’s a GREAT fuel for your car? Visit the consumer section on the website and learn why the benefits of ethanol are worth you making the switch to a higher ethanol blend such as E15 and E85.

Days of Summer Contest 2019 Winners


Note: Gift cards could take up to 3 months to receive. For any questions or tracking information contact Kelsey Quargnenti.