LAS VEGAS — The U.S. ethanol industry is producing a clean competitive fuel, high quality animal feed, increasing national security, expanding exports and putting money back into consumers’ pockets. These and other accomplishments of the industry are highlighted in the 2013 Ethanol Industry Outlook and 2013 Pocket Guide to Ethanol. Both publications were released this week at the 18th Annual National Ethanol Conference in Las Vegas.

“2012 was an admittedly difficult year for America’s ethanol industry,” said RFA President and CEO Bob Dinneen. “From severe drought to record corn prices and declining consumption of gasoline, resilient ethanol producers are meeting these challenges as well as defending the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) from a concerted attack by Big Oil and their allies. The Outlook and the Pocket Guide are must have resources that catalogue the accomplishments of America’s leading renewable energy industry.”

The 2013 Ethanol Industry Outlook is an annual publication that catalogs the important statistics for America’s domestic ethanol industry while providing the most recent, up-to-date graphs, charts and facts about the production and use of fuel ethanol. Numerous topics are covered including the ethanol industry’s economic impact and contributions, value in rural markets, next generation biofuels, building new markets, progressive policy, ethanol blended fuels, indirect land use change, food and fuel, world markets, and consumer awareness.

The Pocket Guide to Ethanol, one of RFA’s most popular items, is now in its third year of publication. In an easy to carry format, the Pocket Guide puts a wealth of industry information right at your fingertips. Containing several sections, the guide covers domestic market expansion, increasing national security, stimulating America’s economy, expanding the global marketplace, statewide efforts made across the nation, and food vs. fuel.

To download a copy of the Outlook or the Pocket Guide, please visit or call (202) 289-3835 to order in bulk.