Today’s petroleum marketers and fuel retailers are challenged with providing fuel choices to consumers growing more concerned about the environment while expecting low cost fuels. Fuel retailers can install blender pumps and retail E15, mid-level ethanol blends (MLEBs) and E85 to meet their customer’s needs.

Used for years to blend and dispense unleaded and premium to provide customers with octane choices, blender pumps have found a home in the retailing of ethanol fuels, providing stations the unique opportunity to offer E15, E85 and mid-level blends. Stations benefit from the blending economics of higher-volume ethanol sales, and their customers enjoy this new array of fuel choices at the pump.

In this new application, blender pumps typically utilize two underground tanks, one containing unleaded gasoline and the other containing E85. In addition to offering traditional fuels such as unleaded, E10, E15 and E85, the fuel dispenser can also dispense a variety of mid-level ethanol blends – often E20, E30, and E40 – which are created by mixing the appropriate percentages of fuel from each underground tank.

Hundreds of gas stations have taken this unique approach to retailing ethanol fuel. Although not highly publicized, blender pumps have been offering ethanol fuel blends for years in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota, and more recently in Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee to name a few.

With just one piece of equipment, a petroleum marketer can offer a variety of new fuels to customers and these customers can select their preferred formulation with a simple adjustment. Even if a station doesn’t wish to begin retailing these new ethanol fuels immediately, installing a blender pump ensures the infrastructure is in place for the future – which, by all signs, is certain to include ethanol blends beyond E10.

Follow the lead of major retailers like MAPCO, Murphy USA, Sheetz, Protec and others by offering higher ethanol blends.

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