This edition of “The Ethanol Report” features comments from Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Bob Dinneen about an Associated Press report on the environmental impacts of ethanol.

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This is the Ethanol Report.

This week, an Associated Press story about ethanol and the environment will be hitting news sources that use AP as a content provider. The ethanol industry has seen an advance copy of what AP is billing as an “investigative report.” The article claims that U.S. ethanol policy has led to farmers wiping out millions of acres of conservation land, destroying habitat and polluting water supplies by planting so much more corn.

Renewable Fuels Association President and CEO Bob Dinneen was interviewed for the story.

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Dinneen says one of many points of contention they have with the story as previewed is the claims about land taken out of the CRP and AP’s calculation allegedly using government satellite data that identifies over a million acres of quote “virgin land” that has been put into production since 2006

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The article also says ethanol and agricultural interests quote “lobbied” EPA to adjust the carbon footprint of ethanol relative to gasoline to make it qualify under the Renewable Fuel Standard. Dinneen says the initial rule made assumptions that were wrong and were adjusted after a comment period.

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Another point made in the article is that corn use for ethanol surpasses that of animal feed, which Dinneen says is just not true.

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Dinneen views the article as yet another attack on ethanol that ignores the facts.

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The AP story has already appeared in several places on the internet but is officially embargoed for print until November 12.

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