WASHINGTON — Today, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) released a fact sheet specifically for motorcycle owners answering common questions about E15 (85 percent gasoline/15 percent ethanol) and motorcycle engines. The document entitled “E15 and the Motorcycle Industry” makes it clear that E15 is illegal to put into a motorcycle engine, but E10 is approved for use. The fact sheet addresses questions such as:

  • What is the concern with E15 and the motorcycle industry?
  • What is being done to assist the motorcycle industry with these concerns?
  • How will consumers identify the appropriate fuel for their vehicle/engine?

“A motorcycle is more than just a vehicle to get from point A to point B, it is a unique experience and a treasured pastime for motorcycle owners,” said Bob Dinneen, RFA’s President and CEO. “We understand the important role motorcycles play in many peoples’ lives and are working on multiple fronts to make sure there is accurate labeling at gas stations and up to date information on E10 and E15 so there is no confusion whatsoever on what type of ethanol blend can be used in motorcycles.”

Additionally, RFA has put out a similar guide for ethanol use in classic cars, “Gasoline Ethanol Blends and the Classic Auto.” E15 was approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for vehicles 2001 and newer only. The document specifically addresses the concerns of classic car owners and the proper use of E10.